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Let's Chat Radio

We  Talk Everything From Building  Powerful Brands , Writing Best Selling Books, and Manifesting The Best You Possible  

Let's Chat hit the airways on October 26, 2013 when two avid readers came together to talk that talk about literature and life in a fun and friending environment. They are a Two-Time Award Winning Show,  with the main goal of bring “Dopeness” to their audience.  Mz Toni and Lissha enjoy sharing their love of  Art, Literature, Music, Movies, and the Stage,  on a platform  that showcases the creativity and passion of their guests

Lissha Sadler is a social media manager, author advocate, literary consultant, avid reader, as well as the producer and co-host on the popular podcast Let’s Chat w/ Mz Toni and Lissha. She works closely with talented clients,to provide developmental reports, proofreading manuscripts, proposals, etc. Lissha loves to experience an author’s passion for their craft. She is dedicated to helping clients expand their brand by brokering the best deal. Lissha is currently looking for her own projects with the goal of turning new, creative, and diverse voices into literary powerhouses. Her primary interest at this time is YA/Teen, New Adult, AA Literary Fiction, AA Mainstream Women's Fiction, All Romance, Multi-cultural, Suspense, Psychological Thrillers, as well as Self-Improvement books. Lissha is on the move to make her powerful mark in the Literary World.
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Mz Toni (Antrina Richardson) is the CEO of BookedRight Editing Services.  In 2018, she was the recipient of the Literary Jewels Best Editor Award. As Senior Editor, her passion is to take an authors’ work and help bring out the best their pen has to offer its readers.  She is also a WRP Promotions Diva, Avid Reader, and Book Reviewer. She is married and the mother of three. Antrina works at a private corporate law firm in New York City.

Toni loves to cook and try new recipes.  Next to cooking, her other passion is SPORTS!!!! She loves talking that sports talk to whoever will listen.  She’s a homer and cheers for her home teams, but she can hang with the best of them and talk about ANY sports game.

Twitter:  @Toni_Doe and @RightBooked

Instagram:  MzToniTrina and BookedRightEditing

Facebook: MzToniTrina and BookedRightEditing